The following Media Renderers have been reported by users working with AndroMote

Device Name
Roku SoundBridge    Hardware  
TerraTec Noxon2   Hardware  
TerraTec Noxon iRadio   Hardware  
Freecom MusicPal 1.58 Hardware since AndroMote 1.1.1, automatic restart since version 1.1.2
Philips WAK3300 1.0 Hardware  
Philips WAC7000   Hardware acts only as player
Philips WAS7000   Hardware  
Philips NP1100 2008 Hardware  
Philips NP2900   Hardware  
Philips SLA5520   Hardware  
T+A elektroakustik T+A MUSIC PLAYER M01D01P01F01I01.0000 Hardware  
  XBMC   Software  
Onkyo TX-NR 3007   Hardware TX-NR 1007, 3007, 5007, TX-NR 807 have the same interface
WD HD TV Live   Hardware Music only
On2Trade On2Share   Software volume control does not work


The following media servers have been reported by users to work with AndroMote

Server Name
Twonky TwonkyVision Server     
On2Trade ON2Share    
Microsoft Windows Media Player 11  
AVM Fritz!Musikbox    
J. River, Inc.
J. River MEDIA CENTER 13  
Fujitsu Siemens Activy Media Server 150   TwonkyMedia 4.4.5
  MythTV 0.21 Make sure to have MP3 files in your library which is not the standard when ripping CDs
  MediaTomb 0.11.0  
EMC Corporation EMC LifeLine Media Server    
Buffalo LinkStation Live 4.4  
Synology Disk Station Manager 2.2 Make sure to have updated to version 2.2

What do I need to run AndroMote?

At least you need a media server in your WiFi network. It is recommend to have also a media player that can be controlled remotly.

How can I make Windows Media Player to act as a media server?

Windows Media Player can easily configured to act as a media server. You have to enable the media sharing in the options of the windows media player.

AndroMote Remote Control for Android

AndroMote is an application for the Android mobile. It can be downloaded from the Market. It searches your WiFi network for Media Servers and Media Renderers that understand the UPnP(tm) protocol. It was tested with several servers and players, but please let me know if any hardware work or does not work. If you like it, there will be many new features in the future.

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